CD and Treasury Rollover

Automatically reinvest the principal on your maturing CDs and U.S. Treasury securities.

CD and U.S. Treasury rollover

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    CD and U.S. Treasury rollover is a convenient way of keeping your money invested.

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    It's easy to get started. Just select "Auto-Rollover" when purchasing a new CD or Treasury.

How it works.

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    Get invested

    During the order-entry process for your first trade, read and agree to Schwab's terms and conditions of service. Next, you'll mark eligible investments to automatically roll over upon maturity into similar investments.

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    Stay notified

    Emails will keep you informed about the timing and status of your auto-rollovers. We'll send a notice with details roughly two weeks before you have a rollover and again at the time of rollover. 

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    Automatic rollovers

    Your CD and U.S. Treasury investments will continue to roll over at each maturity date until you choose to change or cancel your instructions on 


Here's a list of questions to guide you through the process.

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Getting started.

Once you agree to Schwab's terms and conditions, mark your eligible investments to roll over at their maturity date.


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Managing rollovers.

Mark a new or existing eligible security for rollover either from the trade ticket during the order-entry process or from your Positions page on


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Changing an auto-rollover.

Since you may periodically need to change your rollover instructions, we make it quick and easy. 


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